Banquet Wine Glasses

To run an event successfully, you will need a ton of glassware. Here at HNR Catering Supplies we can supply everything you might need, whether that be beer glasses, shot glasses or banquet wine glasses.

Where To Buy Banquet wine Glasses?

We provide both a white and red wine version of the banquet wine glass. The biggest difference between the two is the size as the white wine version is 12.25oz while the red wine version is 16oz. Both versions of these lead-free, crystalline glasses come in packs of 6 and available to buy at

Here at HNR Catering Supplies, we are very proud at the fact that we can provide any catering and hospitality product that you may want. If we do not have it in stock already, we will work hard to source it for you. a family run business, we put a lot of effort into ensuring we always provide a personal and high-quality service that focuses on the relationship with our customers and really want to ensure you come back again.

Contact Us…

If you would like more information on our banquet wine glasses, please get in touch with us today via the form on our site (  Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0121 707 3025 or shoot us an email at

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