Best Stacking Cups And Saucers… 7oz

Stacking Cups and Saucers

Trendy Stacking Cups And Saucers

Cheap and high quality stacking cups and saucers is what everyone is looking for.  Visit HNR Catering Supplies if you need to purchase catering supplies that will make your place look astonishing.

Kitchens can become crowded very quickly and therefore leave you thinking what to get rid of or how to place things! There are many plus points to having cups that can stack up in your kitchen as they can save you space as you stack them on top of each other.  They can be easily be stored into a cupboard or on your kitchen worktop.

Fine China Stacking Cup

Different types of stacking cups and saucers and there uses:

Depending on what you are serving in these space saving stacking cups, they do come in several different sizes; this makes them perfect for serving expresso, tea or even herbal drinks.  These cups are specially designed to be stacked together, therefore saving you space in your restaurant or in your cafe.

Please see below for a list of stacking cups that are available to buy at
stacking cups and saucers

Types and Styles:

With their harmonious design, they are the perfect display for elegance and style.  These perfect tea/coffee cups are just the thing to showcase your perfect macchiatos and lattes.  Starting at a size of 3oz they go up to 7oz.

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