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Everything you do as a catering company will be to ensure your customers enjoy your food and your service, but there are so many things to worry about while you try to make this happen. Having the right catering crockery suppliers can help you achieve everything you need to with a little helping hand from HNR Catering Supplies.

Catering Crockery SuppliersOne of your key jobs is ensuring your crockery stock is of the highest quality and kept right. This means you can not only impress your guests but have the ability to replace pieces when needed. HNR Catering Supplies can help you as we are catering crockery suppliers supplying the whole of the UK and beyond.

Catering Crockery Suppliers You Can Rely On.

We are proud to house an extensive range of catering crockery online which is ideal for everything from casual dining through to five-star hotel restaurants.  We are proud to say that our products are of high quality and reasonably priced to help our long standing customers.

Here at HNR Catering Supplies, we are constantly looking to develop and refresh the range that we have. This comes from working with some of the best brands in the catering crockery world such as Mimoza, Porcelite, Sunnex and Australian Fine China.

If you would like to learn more about our role as catering crockery suppliers, please get in touch with us today via the form on our site. Alternatively, you can email us on or ring us on 0121 707 3025.