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Welcome to HNR Catering Supplies, where we take pride in being the leading catering suppliers dedicated to meeting all your needs. Our impressive collection of gastronorm pans showcases our commitment to quality and versatility.

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Steel containers; Meticulously crafted our steel containers are designed to withstand the demanding environment of a kitchen. Whether you need to roast, bake or store food these pans will be your partners.

Gastronorm Trays: The backbone of kitchens, our gastronorm containers are built for durability and efficiency. They ensure that your food remains organized and easily accessible streamlining your cooking process.

Perforated Pans: For those who seek perfection in their creations, our perforated pans are the solution. Perfect for steaming and ensuring cooking in these pans are a chef’s delight.

Unparalleled Versatility: Our gastronorm products go beyond their designated functions. They excel at tasks such as steaming, cooking, freezing and more. Designed to meet the demands of kitchens these pans have become an essential asset, in every cook’s arsenal.

Sizes, for every Occasion: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a range of sizes, including full, half and quarter steel pans. Whether you’re catering to a group or hosting an intimate gathering we have the perfect pan to meet your requirements.

The Ideal Storage Solution: In a kitchen staying organized is crucial. Our gastronorm pans provide an excellent storage solution keeping your ingredients fresh and easily accessible. They contribute to a organized and efficient kitchen environment.

Choose HNR Catering Supplies for all your gastronorm pan needs. Discover the impact that quality, durability and versatility can have on your journey. Enhance your cooking experience, with us!

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