Whether you are the owner of a catering company, or the manager of a business in the hospitality sector, you will know just how important high-quality equipment is to the result. If your equipment is poorly made and poorly maintained, it is likely the quality of your product will suffer.

If you have a big event to cater for, you will need to ensure you utilise our commercial baking trays. These aluminium pans are a professional and seamless product designed specifically for commercial use in industries such as hospitality and catering. The pans themselves provide excellent heat distribution and while you can get them all in a wide range of sizes, they are all exactly 70mm deep.

Here at HNR Catering Supplies, we pride ourselves on providing the best supply of products to the hospitality and catering industries. Not only do we supply a wide range of products on our site, but we are also able to source catering and hospitality products for you if we do not have them on our site already.

If you are interested in our commercial baking trays, or any of our other products, please get in touch by emailing us on sales@hnrcateringsupplies.co.uk, or call us directly on 01217073025 today.