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Best Catering Crockery Sets:

Want to buy catering crockery online? Want to make your diners have the best dining experience? Then look no further than HNR Catering Supplies! With the table being the heart of dining experiences, it is vital to use catering crockery that makes your food look like a masterpiece.

Be Bold With Your Choice Of Colours When choosing Your Catering Crockery sets!

Being bold with colors and styles is an important aspect to adding that finishing touch to dishes. Using crockery with deep, arty colors can create food like a canvas!

Layering colors is one of the easiest ways to create a color contrast; this is an effective way of making your dining table look stylish and inviting. Dining out is one of the most important places for families to get together to share life and love.

With a range of catering crockery sets available in all shapes, sizes, colors and types, we can supply a wide range of restaurant crockery for your setting to look the part.

Catering Crockery Sets

With a vast array of catering crockery in our Orion Elements range, we have a variety of colors to choose from including Sun Burst Orange, Ocean Mist, Slate Grey and Sandstorm Grey. We also have the option of our exceptional range, which includes Australian Fine China, Fine Bone China and Porcelite Standard Crockery.


Having the right type of cutlery at your restaurant is one of the most important ways of setting a seen for your potential customers. Passing customers are often curious about the type of restaurant you have and the variation of food you deliver. But to get this right, its important to get the basics right!

Having the right type of cutlery should offer your customers some form of ease when eating certain foods like shellfish, steak or spaghetti! Making the right choices for your eatery goes a long way when trying to satisfy your clients. That’s why HNR Catering Supplies are one of the UK’s best catering suppliers that offer our customers unrivalled service.


We have a range of beautiful cutlery that can add that amazing finishing touch to your stylish table… why not choose from some of these incredible styles to help add that elegant touch to your table (Muse, Elite, Global or Oxford.)


Picking the right type of glassware can be the difference between having that modern look to that dragged down old look! The right glassware compliments the table and helps create an inviting ambiance that will attract customers. There is a trend that people are following nowadays which is using balloon gin glasses or glasses with a crystal finish!


With our forever growing range of glassware, there are always a lot of options to choose from. Many people are unaware that the type of glass you use can have an impact on the taste and smell of your drink. The narrower the rim of the glass, the more you are likely to smell the flavor of the drink.

Serving Dishes:

Having all of the right types of dinnerware crockery can make your table look exquisite! Fancy little touches like pie dishes, ramekins or even your typical balti curry dish can create that perfect look that adds to the style of restaurant and food you have.

Serving Dishes

Having top of the range catering crockery and essentials at affordable prices is the way forward for your restaurant. HNR Catering Supplies can offer you a wide range of dinnerware service products that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Tabletop Accessories:

When it comes to food, a lot of people like to customize their food to their taste; that’s why having the right condiments available at the table is the best option. Some individuals prefer extra salt, where as, others may like things a little more saucy with extra ketchup!

Tabletop Accessories

If you require any help with buying catering crockery online for your setting, please get in touch with us via email at or give us a call on 0121 707 3025.