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Cheap Crockery

Cheap Crockery…

Here at HNR Catering Supplies Ltd, we are the powerhouse of offering our customers the best of both… Yes, you got it! Quality yet cheap crockery that will work for any setting, whether it be your home or restaurant! Here are some factors to consider when buying wholesale crockery for your home… Type, Style, Colour, Size and Material.

Cheap Crockery

Types of Cheap Crockery and Dinnerware:

The type of dinnerware you choose depends on your home décor and style. Choosing catering crockery that matches with your existing design should be on top of your list. Our dinnerware consists of many styles that can be colour coordinated with the colour of your interior design. We also have a range of plates for desserts, dinner, bread etc… See below for a list.

Dessert/Salad Plate 

Dinner Plate 

Plate (Side/Bread) 


Styles of Dinnerware:

The style of crockery you select is dependent on the type of people you have using it. If you have a large family that have a Sunday roast every week, then going for simply white crockery would be perfect. This type of wholesale crockery is heavy-duty, strong and durable; perfect to use over and over again.

Colour Of Crockery:

We have a range of colours to choose from including Slate Grey, Sun Burst, Ocean Mist and Sandstorm.  These colours can easily fit in with your already lovely décor to help create an eye-catching contrast in your home.

Colour of Crockery

Size of Crockery:

Another factor to consider when buying wholesale crockery online for your home is the size of the crockery you wish to use. Before choosing, you should consider the size of your table and the size of the dish you will be plating up. All plates are available in the following sizes: (16.5cm, 21cm, 23cm for side plates) and (26cm, 28cm, 31cm for dinner plates.)

Material of Crockery:

Knowing the different types of materials that are available to suit your home or restaurant is extremely handy; having this information will make it much easier to choose the crockery you need to help with the day to day running of your setting. Please call us on 0121 707 3025 for more information on wholesale crockery suppliers. The following materials are available: 

    • Bone China
    • Porcelain
    • Fine China
    • Melamine
    • Stoneware

Whether you have a Fine Dining restaurant or want a Casual Dining experience at home with friends and family, our guarantee is to fill your place with the best wholesale crockery available on the market. Offering FREE shipping on all orders over £70 and efficient delivery time (almost all orders are delivered within 2-3 working days.)

Material of Crockery

Having attractive dinnerware is the key to making your dining table look attractive. This will ultimately set the tone for their dining experience and will give it that personal touch that is unique to your home. Adding a touch of candle light, coasters, table cloths and table runners is usually the final drop of uniqueness to making special occasions extra special for your family members. 

However, if you want to go formal yet casual, then choosing a set with a nice border or rim detail will add a touch of colour and persona while still allowing the meal to showcase itself. 

catering crockery

If you want to buy wholesale catering crockery online, check out our website at www.hnrcateringsupplies.co.uk. HNR Catering Supplies offers you a range of styles that can be used to suit your home or business. Please call us on 0121 707 3025 for more information on wholesale crockery suppliers.

The availability of crockery sold by HNR Catering Supplies is open stock meaning it is sold in small packs of six; thus making it ideal for any home.