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Expertly Created Food Storage Containers.

At HNR Catering Supplies Ltd we can be sure of the following things when it comes to food storage containers:

When it comes to food safety and storage, being organized is the best place to start. Having the right storage system along with the perfect storage containers is the key to maintaining basic food hygiene practices.

  • Our storage containers keep food fresh and can be used in Fridges, Freezer and Dishwashers.
  • We have a large range of gastronorm sized colour coded containers.
  • The standard food safety colour scheme is used by us.
  • Helps organise food storage and avoid cross contamination.
  • Enables effective stock rotation systems.
  • Replaceable colour chips available.
  • Write and rewrite directly on containers

Food Storage Containers

Check out the break down below to help you choose the best food storage and safety options.  Also, find out where to purchase the right food storage containers…

1) Foods that are contaminated are often caused by bad organisation skills ie the hierarchy of foods; this means that foods which are high risk (raw meats and fish products etc) were stored towards the top of the fridge and there is a high possibility that juices from meats have dripped onto other foods. It is important to store meats and poultry at the bottom of the fridge to avoid cross contamination. A sealed bag or container is another way of storing food safely.

2) Properly covered and wrapped up food is standard practice. Food that is left out in the open is more likely to become a home for pests and multiplying bacteria. However, having the right type of storage containers is the best option for storing and covering your food. Here is a link if you need to purchase the right types of food storage containers

3) Refrigerating and freezing foods is one of the most important aspects of food storage. Freezing food gives it longer life and helps preserve a lot of natural goodness. Refrigeration/freezer bags are a good way to store frozen foods and they can lie flat and take up much less space in your freezer.

4) Sealing and closing all storage containers and bags is the best way to ensure that your food storage is effective. Closing boxes and bags will protect food from bacteria and possible contamination.

5) Time and date everything! It is extremely important to know when foods are produced and their expiry dates. It is also good practice to date everything as this will help with food rotation; this means that all of the older foods can be disposed of and be replaced with fresh foods.

See images below for some of the storage containers that are available:

Rectangular Storage Box 5.3L

2 ltr Cylindrical storage container

The perfect solution for storing soups and casseroles.

If you would like any help with choosing food storage containers, give us a call on 0121 707 3025 or send us an email at