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Serving Platter

Grilled Chicken Recipe on a Serving Platter.

With so many people jumping on the healthy eating hype, its important to keep coming up with new recipes.   A variety of grilled chicken recipes presented on a serving platter has become the new craze!  Using healthier alternatives to replace original recipes is one of the new ways of cooking.  Keeping your recipes clean and healthy is the best way to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Using chicken as a choice of protein is always a great option.  I find that eating chicken in the right portion size helps to keep me fuller for longer.  It also helps me keep my energy levels up without making me feel bloated.

Serving Platter

Oval Serving Platter

Below we have put together everything you need to rustle up a quick and healthy grilled chicken recipe.  You will find all of the ingredients, method and equipment you need to make a healthy version of the traditional tandoori grilled chicken.

Ingredients: 0% Fat Free Yogurt, lemon juice (2 tbl spn), Tandoori masala, gharam masala, pinch of tumeric, salt to taste, ginger & garlic paste (1 table spoon), crushed kasoori methi (1 tea spn), Olive oil – optional (1 tbl spn), Amchoor powder (3/4 tea spoon), chilli powder (1/2 tea spoon or desired amount).

Method: Start of by marinating the chicken in chilli powder, lemon juice, yogurt and olive oil… leave this to rest for a minimum of 2 hours (overnight would be best).  Then add all of the other ingredients and again leave for a minimum of 2 hours or more… the longer the better!

The marinated chicken should look similar to the image below:

Tandoori chicken restaurant style recipe | hassanchef restaurant style recipes

To cook the chicken, the best option is to air fry it or cook it in the oven for 90 minutes on 220 degrees celsius.  Once the chicken has a nice charred finish to it and is running clear juices, it is ready to eat!  Enjoy with a side salad or shredded cabbage slaw.