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Serving trays, anti-slip drinks trays, Wooden trays, Stainless steel trays, and fast food trays. Variety of finishes, colors, sizes, and shapes.

Having the right service trays are essential for any hospitality setting. Whether you are a school, hotel, or restaurant, having the right type of tray is imperative as it reflects on how efficient your service can be.

With our non-slip trays, you can guarantee fast service with the extra grip for balance and stability. These trays are available in multiple sizes and also come in round or rectangular shapes. They are made from polypropylene plastic making them very strong and durable. With an easy-to-clean texture, they can be cleaned effortlessly with a damp cloth. These are the perfect companion to use for bar service.

Besides the restaurant industry booming, the fast-food industry is also thriving as equally. With our fast food trays being made from quality materials like durable polypropylene, they come with a textured anti-slip resistance surface; this makes serving customers a walk in the park! These trays are suitable for all of the hospitality industry, making them the ideal trays for all establishments.

Serving trays are an essential part of the day-to-day running of front-of-house service. Our stainless steel trays are extremely sturdy and make them the ideal product for carrying heavy plates of food or multiple drinks; thus allowing them to not bend or bow. The trays also benefit from side edges that help keep items in place on the tray.

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