What are the must have catering supplies for a successful event?

Catering Supplies Must Haves

What are the must have catering supplies for a successful event?

Take a look, for a list of catering essentials that you’ll need to ensure the success of any event. HNR Catering supplies have got you covered with everything you need for your kitchen and catering needs.

1. Presentation Trays and Platters; These are absolutely essential for serving and presenting food to your guests in style. They are available in a variety of shapes (round, square, rectangular etc), colours (black, yellow, red, blue, green or brown) and materials glass, polypropylene, wooden.)

2. Food Warmers and Chafing Dishes; These are a must have to keep your food hot and ready throughout the event. These are some of the best products to have when hosting any event… they just simply take all of the stress away!

3. Utensils; Make sure you have a supply of serving utensils, such as spoons, forks, tongs and ladles. Having the right utensils at hand is extremely important when serving your potential clients… you wouldn’t want to keep them waiting!

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4. Dinnerware; It’s important to offer guests a variety of plates, bowls and cutlery options. HNR Catering Supplies is the perfect place to help you make your event flawless with our helpful and knowledgeable staff.

5. Glassware; Depending on the nature of the event you may also require wine glasses, water glasses or other specialized glassware. We have a lovely selection of glassware that covers a wide range of styles; ready to suit any establishment.

6. Linens; Add a touch to your event while protecting surfaces from spills by using tablecloths, napkins and table runners. Contact us for options to personalise napkins or crockery.

7. Beverage Dispensers; These come in when serving beverages like lemonade, coffee, iced tea or water. These are available in a variety of sizes that come in small/large sizes… enough to keep you going for the whole day/evening.

8. Coffee and Tea Service; If hot beverages are on the menu make sure you have all the supplies like a coffee maker, vacuum flask or teapot, for use.

Here are some essential supplies to consider for your event:

1. Bar Tools and Glassware; If you plan on serving alcohol it’s important to have a variety of bar tools, glasses and mixers

2. Food Storage Containers; These containers come in for storing leftovers or transporting prepared food to the event location.

3.. Heating Equipment; Maintaining the temperature for your food is crucial. Make sure you have coolers, ice buckets and heating pads as needed.

4. Sanitation Supplies, for Tableware; To maintain hygiene standards it’s important to have hand sanitizer, disinfectant and cleaning supplies readily available.

5. Buffet and Serving Equipment; If you’re planning a buffet style meal having risers, trays and other equipment will help display and serve the food effectively.

6. Decorations and centre pieces (Optional); Adding decorations and centre pieces can add a touch to your event while creating a theme if desired.

7. Labels; Labelling food items and providing signage for areas will help guests navigate the event easily by knowing what is being served. This also helps with allergies and intolerance for each guest.