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Catering Equipment

What are the recent trends in catering equipment and supplies?

1. Embracing sustainability (Tips and Tricks To Sustainable Catering); With a growing emphasis on consciousness caterers and suppliers; The industry is now offering options like biodegradable and compostable packaging, utensils and tableware.

2. Personalized experiences; Catering suppliers are providing customized options to cater for events and dietary requirements. This includes accommodating needs such as vegan, gluten free and allergy friendly choices.

3. Versatility in equipment; There is a rising preference for catering equipment that can perform functions like cooking, grilling and smoking. This allows for flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen.

4. Integration of technology; Catering equipment is becoming more advanced and interconnected with features like monitoring, temperature control and digital displays to streamline catering processes and enhance efficiency.

5. Specialized cooking techniques; Unique cooking methods such as vide and molecular gastronomy are gaining popularity in the catering industry. Consequently, there is an increased demand, for equipment of executing these techniques effectively.

Choosing The Right Catering Equipment:

Catering Equipment6. Catering equipment; As outdoor and remote events become more popular, there is a rising need for catering equipment like mobile cookers, refrigerators and grills. These items can be easily set up at your desired locations.

7. Focus on hygiene; Manufacturers of catering equipment are giving increased importance to design. They are incorporating features such as coatings and easy to clean surfaces to ensure food safety and prevention of contamination.

8. Integration Of Technology; Catering equipment now integrates technology allowing for monitoring, control and automated processes. This integration aims to enhance the efficiency of catering operations.

9. Online ordering and delivery; With the surge in food delivery services caterers are investing in equipment and supplies that can effectively handle the growing demand for delivery and takeout orders.

10. Non traditional service formats; The emergence of traditional catering formats like food trucks, pop up restaurants and micro catering has created a demand for flexible and compact equipment that can adapt to these unique service styles.