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Chef Aprons

White Bib Aprons

If you are looking to add a professional look to your kitchen then look no further!  Here at HNR Catering Supplies Limited, we can source all types, styles and sizes of Chef Aprons for your setting.  Our Polycotton aprons can be used for front and back of house to help give your restaurant that professional look. Our chef bib aprons are available online at www.hnrcateringsupplies.co.uk.

Why Choose Our Aprons?

If you require all of the following, then we are the right people for you…

  • Quality, Long Lasting Material.
  • Clean and Crisp Look For All Types of Kitchens.
  • Self Straightening Material After Washing.
  • Long Length Strap Ties To Fit All Sizes.
  • Clean White Colour and Easy to Wash (Also available in more colours).
  • Protection from Hot Food Splashes.
  • Competitive Prices.

White Bib Apron

Our chef aprons are made from high quality and durable Polycotton material; thus making it easier to wash and use safely again and again.  With aprons being used everyday, the lightweight material makes it breathable and comfortable during those long shifts.  Buy our chef aprons online via our website: https://www.hnrcateringsupplies.co.uk.

6 Points About Our High Quality White Chef Aprons

  1. Colour: White
  2. Ideal for Chefs and Sous Chefs
  3. Perfect for Catering and Food Service Businesses
  4. Machine Washable
  5. Made from Cotton
  6. Available in a Variety of colours and Styles.

Leaks and splashes can happen all the time especially in a busy kitchen.  Even the most experienced chef can get a bit mucky from time to time after a long shift. Chef aprons are like a mans best friend. They protect your everyday clothes from all the grease and liquid marks that often come when working in a busy kitchen environment.  More importantly, they protect chefs from high flames, heat and hot liquids.


Navy Blue Bib Apron

Even if you think you don’t need an apron, you will be pleasantly surprised with the protection and functionality an apron can offer.  There are many types of aprons out there that are suitable for both men and women.  They offer comfort and durability whilst you work away trying to create that beautiful masterpiece.  So why not invest in a chef apron and have comfort and protection with style.

Sizes and Fitting…

With the aprons being available in many colours and designs, we are certain that they can match up with your everyday clothes.  Not only do we have various sizes, but colour’s and sizes matter too.  Chef aprons often fit around the neck, covering the chest and then falling down in length to the thigh/knee level.  This helps cover most of the chefs from those fiery flames and liquid spillages.  Available in extra small, small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large, we are certain every chef has a super chef cape they can wear!

 Why Wear A Chef Apron?

Wearing an apron in a busy restaurant, can help send out the right signals to the customers.  People can see that there are professionals working in the restaurant and this can entice people into coming into your eatery.  Often, we miss the point of creating an ‘image’ that helps attract potential customers.

If you need chef aprons online, please contact us on 0121 707 3025/ Email: sales@hnrcateringsupplies.co.uk, or place a direct order with us at www.hnrcateringsupplies.co.uk.